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GoldenPair & Company in Tallahassee, Florida, is an educational consulting company that specializes in serving schools of choice such as charter schools, career academies, and private schools. Our founder has been involved in school choice and school reform for over twenty years. Doing what's right for students has been her mission, so she understands the special needs of educators.

Are you a principal or educator wanting to start a charter school, start a private school, or develop a career academy & don't know where to start?

At GoldenPair, we give you the tools & resources to get started, with our educational consulting & training which addresses the salient, research-based principles, theories, and practices of teaching and learning, which may be tailored to your organization's specific needs and resources, Learn more. Call today (866) 706-4856.




About Us


Services and Products

  • Grant Writing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Governance Training
  • GoldenPair Training
  • Data Driven Instruction Training
  • Needs Assessment
  • Governmental Relations
  • Private School Voucher Acquisitions
  • Motivational & Informational Speaking
  • Integrating Technical & Academic Curricula Staff Development
  • Standard Operating Procedures Development & Documentation
  • Application Development for Public Charter Schools
  • Education Consulting for Private & Public Charter Schools

Golden Pair Training

Who is it for?

Educators and anyone else who has ever tried to communicate an idea, a concept, a skill or knowledge to others will benefit by this training:

  • Teachers and School Leaders
  • Colleges of Education
  • School Districts
  • Adult and Family Literacy Associations
  • Parents and Parent Organizations

Our Approach

To meet these challenges, GoldenPair & Company adapts its services and products to meet the needs of school choice leaders, their organizations and their unique systems of doing business in education. Our approach follows the age-old method of mentoring with the following guiding principles:

1. Spend more time with fewer people to create a lasting impact
2. Model servant-leadership, values and high standards - “walking the talk”
3. Nurture confidence balanced with realistic counsel
4. Implement a mentoring cycle in which —
  • I do it you watch
  • We do it together
  • You do it, I watch
  • I release you
  • You teach another, and so on . . .
5. Maintain long-lasting relationships

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What is it?

This is training which addresses the salient, research-based principles, theories, and practices of teaching and learning, which may be tailored to your organization's specific needs and resources.

Reviewing Research

  • The needs of schools of choice are as varied as the populations of students that they serve.
  • Their leaders come from diverse educational, experiential, and cultural backgrounds.
  • Schools of choice do not fit neatly into any one “systems” category. That is, they are neither large public bureaucracies nor are they just small private businesses.
  • The “choice” movement is an outgrowth of the call for “transformation,” it is also a call for a whole new structure.
  • School choice leaders must never lose sight of the real reason for their existence and that is to improve student learning.

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