Six Promises of the GoldenPair: A Way to Teach – A Way to Learn!
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GoldenPair & Company in Tampa, Florida, specializes in serving schools of choice with services including motivational speaking, charter school consulting. Learn more about our services and how they can greatly impact your teachers and school.

Charter School Application Development

Golden Pair & Company is a pioneer in the charter school movement. Our experienced consultants will help your organization bring its charter school vision into a well-developed application for any U.S. state that has charter school law.

Grant Writing

We provide writing of grants for nonprofits and educational organizations. We understand the needs of school choice of private schools that accept state scholarships as well. We have obtained tens of millions of dollars for public and private not-for-profit educational organizations.

Workshops & Trainings

We offer face-to-face or virtual workshops and trainings for governance, curriculum development, data driven instruction, and starting a career academy, private or charter school.

Motivational Speaking

GoldenPair & Company utilizes experienced, energetic, and highly engaging public speakers on the topics of school reform, school choice, and teaching and learning. Our audiences include teachers, school leaders, education policy-makers, and parents at events such as school district in-service days, workshops, and conferences.

Our services are tailored to your organization's needs.
Business Meeting

Business Meeting

School Choice Consulting

This service includes developing charter school applications, strategic planning, school business plans, board development, needs assessment, and more. In addition to charter school development, we can help you start a private school.

Governmental Relations Consulting

Forging cooperative partnerships between education and government, we work with you to make effective and lasting public policy changes to strengthen school choice in Florida.


Application development for Charter Schools—GoldenPair and Company will work with your organization to go from vision to charter school application.

Grant writing—GoldenPair and Company will work with your organization to identify funding sources and to write and submit grant applications.

Needs assessments—The purpose of a needs assessment is to identify and agree on the extent, type and method of Technical Assistance (TA) our clients require.

Strategic planning—GoldenPair and Company will facilitate a strategic plan - a road map for your organization’s future; the framework for decision-making; and the structure for determining priorities.

Governance training—While schools of choice are relatively new to the education scene, non-profit private and public organizations are not. GoldenPair offers workshops to assist participants in understanding their roles and responsibilities in creating a board.

Data driven instruction training—Accountability does not have to be a frightening word in your school. GoldenPair & Company offers workshops and technical assistance which will help your instructional leaders and teachers create a culture of data-driven instruction.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) development and documentation—Your organization invests time and money in training its staff. SOP Manuals ensure that your investment stays with the organization even if key staff members leave. GoldenPair can write and continuously update your individualized web-based SOP Manual.

What are the benefits?

  • Provides practical examples of how to make one-to one teaching possible no matter what the actual teacher-student ratios are
  • Demonstrates how the students you teach, the children you raise, the people with whom you communicate will benefit by principles which underlie all teaching and learning situations
  • Demonstrates how simple good teaching and learning can really be
  • Provides a unique, fresh way of thinking about teaching and learning