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School Reform

At GoldenPair & Company located in Tampa, Florida, it is our mission to encourage and be a part of school reform locally and nationwide. Please read more about us and our founders.

Our Founder

Dr. Alexandra Penn was born and raised in New York City. She attended Hunter College of the City University of New York for both her undergraduate and graduate work. Her classroom and administrative experiences include 25 years of working with children, youth and college students; her consulting work in curriculum and staff development has taken her across the United States and abroad. During her consulting tenure, Dr. Penn has successfully led school turnaround teams for elementary, middle, and high schools. She is a doctor of education with a specialty in management of K–12 programs. Alex is the author of several professional articles and books, as well as school choice research papers. She is a former Governor-appointed trustee to Brevard Community College; visiting professor at the University of South Florida; and special advisor to a Florida Commissioner of Education. Alex, as she prefers to be called, is a tried-and-true school reformist and Chief Mentor for GoldenPair & Company.

Dr. Alexandra Penn


GoldenPair & Company partners with a number of highly qualified education, business, and social science professionals. We do so as needed and with our clients' permissions. Client recommnedations may be furnished by request.